Sail the Southern Adriatic hottest islands and experience traditional cultural events far from the tourist crowds
Spend 2 nights on board of our Catcruiser 45 and indulge in gourmet dining and excellent local vintage wines.
Pre and Post can be customized upon your clients’ wishes
Departure from Dubrovnik
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Price starting from 9.800 euros

Korcula and Moreska Sword Dance

Enjoy in beautiful panorama viewpoints and some of the Korcula’s most important sights like town’s museum, Marco Polo house and abbatial treasury.

History and culture lovers will enjoy a traditional knights’ dance with swords called Moreska.The dance follows the story of the conflict between the Red King (locally called “White”) versus Black King and their soldiers, as Bula – the Red King’s fiancée is captured by Black army. Following the dialogues between Kings, the romantic and ritualized sword battle starts, and is performed in seven circles representing seven different dances with swords. Finally, Black King is conquered, and Bula happily returns into arms of her beloved Red King.

Performed in this region for over 500 years, it gives an authentic insight of local traditions and performers can only be native of the island.


Hvar and Pakleni archipelago

Hvar is the Princess of Adriatic. With almost 3000 hours of Sun each year, it is the sunniest place in Croatia. Lavender fields, stunning views, beautiful old town and high-class nightlife make this island the perfect refuge.

Pakleni archipelago is a gift of nature. This gorgeous chain of 21 wooded isles has crystal-clear seas, hidden beaches and deserted lagoons.

Here you may look for your ideal cove, enjoy fine dining and the most vibrant nightlife in all Adriatic


Brac and the Golden Horn

The Golden Horn is probably the most spectacular of Croatia’s beaches. It is just in front of the small village named Bol on the island of Brac. It is a vast, golden pebble beach. Almost 580 yards long, it is known as the ” “Zlatni Rat” (Golden Horn).

The beach has a unique shape, like a white tongue stretched into the sea. It is unique also for the fact that it changes shape and position, depending on the wind.

The setting is sublime – the mountains over the beach, blue clear water on your left and right, the sound of the waves on the pebbles, a gentle breeze